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MERS Events

Event Management (PCO)

On this page - EVENTS and Testimonials


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NR-SIG-WFNR 16th Rehab Conference, incorporating the 15th SANP Congress, Granada, Spain, 27-28 June 2019. Chair: Alfonso Carucuel.

AADPA 3rd Conference, Royal on the Park, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 27th & 28th July 2019. Co-Chairs: Christel Middeldorp and James Scott.

ASSBI 42nd Annual Brain Impairment Conference 2019, was held in conjunction with the NZRA and was called the ASSBI/NZRA Inaugural Trans-Tasman Conference. It was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 7 to 9 May 2019. Chair: A/Prof William Levack

An academic and clinical symposium in Cognitive-Communication Disorders (CCD), London, UK, 3-4 September 2018 Co-Chairs: Nicholas Behn, Claire Farrington-Douglas and Simon Grobler

NR-SIG-WFNR Rehabilitation 15th Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2018. Chair: Dr Michael Perdices

ASSBI 41st Annual Brain Impairment Conference 2018, Adelaide, South Australia on 3 to 5 May 2018. Chair: Ms Liz Williams

ASSBI 40th Annual Brain Impairment Conference 2017, Melbourne, Australia on 1 to 3 June 2017. Chair: Dr Dana Wong

NR-SIG-WFNR Rehabilitation 14thConference, Cape Town, South Africa 10 and 11 July 2017. Co-Chairs: Prof Caroline van Heugten and Dr Anita Rose

ASSBI 39th Annual Brain Impairment Conference 2016, Macau, China on 26 to 28 September 2016. Chair: Prof David Shum

NR-SIG-WFNR Rehabilitation 13th Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 11 and 12 July 2016. Chair: Prof Jonathan Evans. Download REPORT

3rd Annual Australasian Social and Affective Neuroscience (AS4SAN) Meeting, Sydney 23 and 24 June 2016. Chair: Prof Skye McDonald

3rd National Cannabis Conference, Melbourne, Australia October 2015

Chair: Prof Jan Copeland (facilitated by NCPIC)

INS/ASSBI 5th Pacific Rim Conference, Sydney, Australia July 2015

Incorporated the ASSBI 38th Annual Brain Impairment Conference

Chair: Prof Jennie Ponsford. Conference Report

12th NR-SIG-WFNR Rehabilitation Conference - Daydream Island, Australia - July 2015

Chair: Prof Cath Haslam. Conference Report

11th NR-SIG-WFNR Rehabilitation Conference - Limassol, Cyprus - July 2014

Chair: Prof Fofi Constantinidou. Conference Report

ASSBI 2014 37th Annual Brain Impairment Conference in Fremantle, WA - May 2014

10th NR-SIG-WFNR Rehabilitation Conference - Maastricht, The Netherlands - July 2013

Chair: Prof Caroline van Heugten - report on the conference

ASSBI 2013 36th Annual Brain Impairment Conference in Hobart, TAS - May 2013, more information...

15th International Aphasia Rehabilitation Conference - VIC on 7-10 October 2012

2nd National Cannabis Conference - Brisbane QLD on 19-21 September 2012 (facilitated by NCPIC)

9th NR-SIG-WFNR Rehabilitation Conference -Bergen, Norway - July 2012

Chair: A/Prof Tamara Ownsworth - report on the conference

INS/ASSBI 4th Pacific Rim Conference -The Social Brain - July 2011

8th NR-SIG-WFNR Rehabilitation Conference -Rotorua, New Zealand - July 2011

Chair: Prof Jennie Ponsford